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Marine Antennas

Your lifeline on the water

Whether you are a small fish looking for the big fish on an angling trip in a big ocean your safety is paramount. The Ocean can be very cruel and there are very few second chances. It is important you can rely on communication. The only function of our marine antennas is to make sure that you stay safe, whether you pleasure trip or travel long distances across the ocean, when you have a problem they are all of equal importance, especially when there are lives at stake. 

Therefore, as an important feature, these types of antennas are developed to resist the hard weather conditions that will be endured on the water. They are built accordingly and resistant to saltwater.

Our Antennas are built to be robust and capable for all of the the maritime climates you are likely to encounter: In order for you to communicate without interruptions.  In case of emergencies or other situations, you need to be assured that your connection is not going to let you down.

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9 dB Dual Band WIFI Marine Antenna 0.56 m WIFI2B9

9 dB Dual Band WIFI Marine Antenna 0.56 m WIFI2B9

Long range high gain dual band WIFI antenna designed for professional maritime use Covers all WIFI bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) Longer range and better signal quality Short and light weight design

4 dB AIS Glass Fibre Antenna 1.37 m with fixed 10 or 20 m cable

4 dB AIS Glass Fibre Antenna 1.37 m with fixed 10 or 20 m cable

Long range high gain International Maritime AIS Antenna for the leisure market AIS antenna especially made for leisure boats Economical replacement for all professional marine AIS antennas Improved gain compared to other high quality marine AIS antennas Reduced antenna weight compared to similar marine AIS antennas Matching designs available for other frequency bands For mounting on all US style brackets with 1″-14NF threaded stud

Thuraya Passive Omnidirectional Antenna

Thuraya Passive Omnidirectional Antenna

Ready to use solutions for Thuraya X5-Touch, XT/XT-LITE, XT-PRO/XT-PRO DUAL and SatSleeve Hotspot Low profile design Easy mounting on any US-style Mounting Bracket with 1″-14NF threaded stud Sold in complete kits including Antenna, Extension cables and Adapters

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