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Multiband Antennas

A multiband antenna is an antenna designed to operate in multiple bands of frequencies.

Multiband antennas use a design in which one part of the antenna is active for one band, while another part is active for a different band.With multiband antennas it is possible to have several antennas operating on different bands of frequency. With this type of antenna, you can use more antennas simultaneously in case you need the functions of different antennas at the same time. In this way, you are able to communicate in the most effective way possible, depending on the specific needs in your company.

The multiband antenna is a flexible way for you to communicate with different points at the same time. This matches our aim to be as flexible and reliable as possible in order to help your business.

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The antennas are manufactured in our own factory in W.London in accordance with the quality management system of ISO 9001:2015. The full range of By-antenna series are heavy duty construction for long life operation under harsh environmental conditions. Available in following frequency bands:
4m (66-88 MHz) BY4-xG series FM (88-108 MHz) BY3-xG series Air band (118-136 MHz) BYBA-xG series 2m (136-188 MHz) BY2-xG series 1m (220-240 MHz) BY1-xG series MIL (280-380 MHz) BY3xx-xG series 70cm (380-475 MHz) BY70-xG series 500 (460-535 MHz) BY500-12G series 600 (535-660 MHz) BY600-12G series 700 (660-800 MHz) BY700-12G series 800 (800-900 MHz) BY80-xG series 900 (870-960 MHz) BY90-xG series 1500 (1450-1550 MHz) BY150-12G series 1600 (1550-1700 MHz) BY160-12G series 1800 (1700-1900 MHz) BY180-12G series 2100 (1900-2200 MHz) BY210-12G series 2400 (2400-2483 MHz) BY2400-xG series

Semi-flexible full 1/2 λ multiband whip antenna with SMA-connector

Semi-flexible full 1/2 λ multiband whip antenna with integrated SMA-male connector, especially made for portable and stationary wireless applications (M2M) in the GSM850/1800/1900 and UMTS (3G) systems 4 BANDS IN ONE INSTALLATION

High performance multiband cellular and GNSS antenna with extended range

Rugged tamper-proof multiband antenna combining all major cellular bands and 4 GNSS applications. The antenna is ideal for fleet management, IoT and M2M applications providing a stable connection in critical areas. The Extendr® antenna family offers multiple mounting options. The antenna is offered with customer specified cables and connectors. 9 bands and 4 GNSS in one installation IP67 water proof design for professional use Low profile design Ground plane independent

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