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Mobile Antennas

Mobile antennas have multiple advantages. They are best suited for moving devices, from which you need to be able to communicate while moving around. Mobile antennas are designed to be used for operation while in motion. Their uses include pedestrian mobile operation while walking, bicycle-mounted antennas for use while riding, and the most common form, automobile-mounted antennas for use while driving.

Mobile antennas should not be confused with portable antennas, which are designed to be easy to transport and set up but are not used while in motion.

Mobile antennas could for example be placed on cars, trucks or other moving devices in order to keep the communication stable during the movement. Furthermore, an advantage is that they are able to resist different kind of weather conditions.

We provide you with a variety of models within this type of antenna, depending on the device they are placed on and their strength.

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Flexible Helical whip antenna with ICOM style SMA connector HE155 (ICOM-SMA)

Flexible Helical whip antenna with FME-connector

Flexible Helical whip antenna with integrated FME-connector, especially made for use on portable transceivers. In order to install the antenna on various transceivers a wide range of connector adapters are available (not included) FME Connector Adapter System for Universal Fitting TUNABLE (By Cutting)

Flexible full 1/4 λ Titanium antenna whip G450 0 dB M-FLEX (M5)

G400 0 dB M-FLEX (M5)

Flexible Titanium alloy antenna whip especially made for use with G-Mount, Combisat and Unimag on vehicle roof etc. TITANIUM ALLOY RADIATION ELEMENT

High performance multiband antenna with extended range in all cellular bands (2G, 3G, 4G & 5G)

High performance multiband antenna with extended range in all cellular bands (2G, 3G, 4G & 5G)
Rugged tamper-proof multiband antenna combining all major cellular bands. The antenna is ideal for IoT and M2M applications providing a stable connection in critical areas.
Excellent performance, VSWR below 2.5 in 92% of the specified band IP67 water proof design for professional use Low profile design Ground plane independent

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