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Omni-Directional Antenna

An omni directional antenna, transmits signals out in every direction. Therefore, this type of antenna is especially ideal for mobile phones or similar devices that needs to be able to transmit messages at all times in and different directions. 

Users constantly move their device, which is why the antenna must be flexible regarding the direction, in which the signal can be received. In this way, the antenna becomes more stable, as there are greater chances that the signal is received by another antenna

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Broadband Unity Gain Omni Base Station Antenna for the 450 MHz band

Broadband Unity Gain Omni Base Station Antenna for the 450 MHz band

UHF004 A/B/C/D The UHF004 is a lightweight broad banded UHF omnidirectional base station antenna with integrated multipurpose mounting bracket. The antenna is sealed in a high-quality glass fibre tube. The cable can be led either on the outside or along the inside of the mast tube. Covers the frequency band 330-510 MHz in four models. Large bandwidth with respect to both SWR and Gain. All metal parts in the antenna are DC-grounded.

Thuraya Active Omnidirectional

Thuraya Active Omnidirectional SATCOM Antenna Voice and GmPRS compatible

Features: Active Antenna for Thuraya terminals with built-in active GPS antenna Covers full footprint without pointing (omni-directional) Optimized for Maritime use, but also suitable for land-based applications Mounting Bracket included Rugged design for reliable performance in harsh conditions Smooth surface low loss radome For use with: FDU-XT, SF2500, Seagull 5000(i), Hughes 7101, SO-2510, SG-2520, XT, FDU-2500, FDU-3500, SatTrans SAT-Office Docker, SAT-VDA Car Kit a.o. DC Feeder required, but not included – order separately depending on configuration Coaxial Cable-Kits available – see “Ordering Information” – “P/N” (Other cables available) Cable-Kits are designed to comply with Thuraya specifications 60101-000, previously known as 60100, comes with mounting bracket included

Iridium Passive Omnidirectional SATCOM Antenna (+GPS)

Iridium Passive Omnidirectional Antenna – Ideal for Iridium GO!

Certified passive Iridium antenna Passive Antenna for Iridium terminals Well suited for Iridium GO! Requires no pointing towards satellite Low loss radome Mounts on any US-style Mounting Bracket with 1″-14NF threaded stud (not supplied) Note: Cable loss below 3 dB is recommended

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