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HF, UHF & VHF Antennas

HF Antenna
The main difference between the three types of antenna is the reach. High Frequency antennas are relatively large antenna up to 9 metres long, which makes it possible for them to have a range more than 100 kilometres. This enables the possibility to communicate clearly over the said distance.gives you the possibility to communicate over a very long distance. Amongst other uses, HF antennas are suitable for Ocean going Liners to have ship to shore communication, which can be a matter of importance or just generally reporting position for an example. .

VHF Antenna
Very High Frequency antennas are not generally as large as HF antennas. However, they can transmit more data within a smaller range of kilometres. Where they lack on the distance covered they can be used to  communicate from ship to ship and relays information like weather conditions or emergencies. 

UHF Antenna
The last type of antenna is the Ultra High Frequency antenna, which makes it possible to send a large amount of data. It does so within a relatively short distance, as it needs more power to transmit the data. The small UHF antennas are 5 to 10 cm long and are often used for mobile devices.

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3 Element Yagi UHF 420-470MHz 2025

3 Element Yagi LOW BAND 68-78MHz

Mechanical Specification Termination 3m RG213 Mil Spec Coaxial Cable + N Type Female Construction Aluminium Alloy Tube 6063T6 to BS 1474 Elements 12.7mm X 1.6mm Wall Support Beam 31.7mm X 2.6mm Wall Fasteners Stainless Steel Grade A2-70 to BS6105 Saddle Clamp Die cast Zinc Alloy Insulator Epoxy Resin Encapsulated Protection Direct Grounded Weight 80 MHz 3.8 Kg, 160 MHz 2.6 Kg, 450 MHz 2.0 Kg Length 80 MHz 2.2 M, 160 MHz 1.2 M, 450 MHz 0.7 M Wind Loading @ 45 m/s 80 MHz 227 N, 160 MHz 124 N, 450 MHz 64 N

3dBd Colinear HIGH BAND 154-166MHz 2212

3dBd Colinear HIGH BAND 166-175MHz

2213 Frequency VHF HIGH BAND (136 – 175MHz) Dimensions Max Length – 2.9m Weight – 2.0kg Wind Loading @ 45 m/s – 156 N SKU: 2213 Category: ANTENNAS Tags: Base Station, HIGH BAND, VHF

UHF Multiband IOT/M2M/Cellular Antenna 0.44 m WALL-ANTENNA MULTIBAND

3-10 dB UHF Multiband Antenna 0.5 m

Multiband antenna combining the cellular/mobile GSM(2G), UMTS(3G), LTE(4G), 5G and WiFi frequencies e.g. for near cost vessels or land based phone and WiFi communication. Ideal for IOT and M2M applications. High Quality UHF antenna for professional use Compact and lightweight design Multiband:

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