BD70-6G UHF 6 dBd Stacked Dipole Antenna

BD70-6G UHF 6 dBd

Stacked Center Fed UHF Dipole Antenna for PMR radios and other applications.

  • High-quality UHF antenna for professional use
  • Four stacked Center Fed Dipoles
  • Directional radiation pattern, 6.0 dBd
  • No groundplane needed
  • Mount included

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Mechanical Specification

COLOUR Stacked Dipoles: Dark Grey (RAL 7021)
MAST: Silvery White
DIMENSIONS Length: 3000  mm Width: 400 mm
WEIGHT Approx. 16 kg
MOUNT TYPE Fixed Tube Mounting Bracket (included)
MOUNTING PLACE On Mast (Ø 27 – 60 mm), mast included
MATERIALS Corrosion-resistant Aluminum (6063-T5), Polypropylene, Copper and PE
SERIAL NO. On product label

Product Information

A stacked dipole antenna is a type of antenna configuration that consists of two or more dipole antennas stacked vertically on top of each other. The dipoles are usually separated by a small distance, typically a fraction of a wavelength, and are fed with a common feedline.

The main advantage of a stacked dipole antenna is that it provides high gain and directivity, making it well-suited for use in applications where long-range communication is required. By stacking multiple dipoles, the effective height of the antenna can be increased, which in turn increases the gain and directivity of the antenna.

Stacked dipole antennas are commonly used in radio and television broadcasting, as well as in satellite and radar systems. They can be designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies and can be optimized for specific applications.



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